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Sunlight, 2007.


Book Art, or the art of creating artists books, is the process of producing book-objects that reference, often challenge, the book form, traditional or otherwise.

They are further defined by their intense physical and conceptual design considerations used to dictate an overall experience for the artist or viewer.

These books are created with the intent to be works of art. They share functionality with the traditional book in that they are containers of information, but need not follow through on sharing that information in a traditional or standardized manner.

The pages, leaves, scroll, tablet or other hosts of content need not be viewable; as such pages viewable need not contain text or image information. In so far as there is implied information in book form, the artist and viewer are able to read what is visible and derive an intellectual and emotional response for the rest.




Production Books



Saint Pauli, Patron Saint of the Reeperbahn

Saint Pauli, Patron Saint of the Reeperbahn, In collaboration with Steve Kostell & Isabel Pichardo 2019.
The Jack & Shirley Silver Special Collections Library, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT


Papel de la Paz.

Papel De La Paz, In collaboration with Margaret Mahan, 2012.
F. W. Olin Library, Mills College, Oakland, CA



Veteran Ledgers, In collaboration with George Washington University SVA, 2012.
Robert B Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University, New Haven, CT


Inspectable Item

Inspectable Item, In collaboration with Jason Stalling, 2010.
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center, Madison, WI


Ravages of Time

Ravages of Time, In collaboration with Tom Lascell, 2008.
Richard F. Brush Collection, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY



Sunlight, In collaboration with Heidi McKye, 2007.
Allen Library, University of Washington, Seattle, WA


People's Portraits of Bush

People's Portraits of Bush, 2006.
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C
Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, NY


Beneath the Bhodi Tree.

Beneath the Bhodi Tree, 1999.
Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection, School of Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL






Panty Pulping Portfolio

unmentionables:, In collaboration with Margaret Mahan & John Lafalce, 2012.
Fleet Library, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI


Linen Series

Linen Series, In collaboration with Combat Paper Press, 2010.
Archives & Special Collections, University of Connecticut, Storres, CT



CPP Portfolio

You Are Not My Enemy: Combat Paper Portfolio, In collaboration with Drew Cameron, Jon Micheal Turner & Hannah Pitkin, 2008.
Graphic Arts Collection, Princeton University Library, Princeton, NJ



Sculptural & Performative Books



<Recipe & Sample Workbook

Recipe & Sample Workbook, 2021.
Fisher Fine Arts Library, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA


Roadside Bookbomb

Roadside Bookbomb, 2006.
UW - Milwaukee Special Collections, UW - Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI


Pa's Revelation, The Apocalypse of Joey'; aka 'Surviving the Cataclysm'

Pa's Revelation, The Apocalypse of Joey'; aka 'Surviving the Cataclysm', 2006.
UW - Milwaukee Special Collections, UW - Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI


Unearthed Memories

Unearthed Memories, 2005.
UW - Milwaukee Special Collections, UW - Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI


Sunset Soldier

Sunset Soldier, 2005.
UW - Milwaukee Special Collections, UW - Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI



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