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From February through March of 2012, Margaret Mahan and Drew Matott set out on the Camino de Santiago with the shell of a book. With every stop on the trail, they slowly filled the book with various stamps and seals of host albergues, churches, cathedrals, and points of interest along the pilgrimage. Upon reaching Santiago de Compostela, the book was bound and further adorned with poetry, journal entries, and relics from the month-long journey.

The book is enveloped in paper made from abaca in collaboration with Juan Manuel Barbe at Eskulan studio.



Making the book while on the Camino.



Binding, adding poetry and finishing the books at the end of the walk.


Papel De La Paz
Margaret Mahan and Drew Matott
8 x 4 x 1/2
Edition of 10, plus 2 Working Proofs
Relief & Rubber Stamp Printing on Handmade Paper, Hand Writing, Post Cards & Ephemera




The 650 kilometer walk from Pamplona to Santiago followed granite markers like these. Here is an example of a stamp used to stamp the pilgrim's passport and our artists book.



Juan Barbe pulling sheets of abaca for the portfolio envelope.

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