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The first portfolio to come from Panty Pulping, unmentionables (aka mentionables) is dedicated to those braves souls who first exposed, snipped, pulped, and transformed their underwear during the first Panty Pulping workshop in August 2012. Their reasons for doing so were as unique as the individuals themselves, but we were all creatively united with the intention of calling an end to violence against women.

unmentionables was assembled, printed, and bound by Margaret Mahan and Drew Matott at BluSeed Studios in Saranac Lake, NY in January 2013. The portfolio features a corset style envelope which holds a title page, dedication page, six colorful sheets, a unique contract page, and a colophon, all of which are made from underwear. This portfolio is a limited edition of eight.

Please note: The images below are displayed in a way that shows all of the content at once for the convenience of web viewing. For obvious reasons, this differs from the experience of viewing the physical portfolio. We emphasize this point because it is our intention that each page of unmentionables be viewed individually, one after the other.


A clean, hand-printed front turns over to reveal a playful corset binding on this envelope. Dress hooks bound with black cord make this lacing simple to undo without tugging on the paper. The envelope paper was handmade by Mahan using her old clothing at the University of Iowa's Oakdale facility.


On left: The title page features a pulp-printing on a mix of black and emerald green lingerie.
On right: Listed on the dedication page are the names of the first Panty Pulpers. They were printed using a Vandercook press and Brush type. This paper is made from white cotton briefs with flecks of gold iridescent pigment.


A slightly transluscent, vibrant sheet of pink. A bold vision of green. Stormy blue with flecks of buried nylon. Warm butternut. A light purple conceals white lace. A hemlock sheet shimmers with hints of black and silver. The soul of unmentionables comes with experiencing each sheet in sequence. Each of these pieces has a story to tell and an emotional energy to convey. Made from different undergarments and mixed with abaca, each sheet represents the strong elegant woman in each of us.


On left: The contract is something that participants sign during Panty Pulping workshops as a way of connecting with and understanding the intention behind the process. It reads: By participating in this process, I am making a vow to myself and my community to use my power to prevent violence in thought, speech, and action. In unmentionables, the design for this page is the one element that changes with each portfolio. While all of the sheets are made from a black lace kimono and white boxer shorts, with the contract letterpress printed in Brush type, they all feature a different pulp printed design.

On right: unmentionables closes with the colophon explaining what went into the process of building this portfolio. Even the substrate tells the story, as the paper was made from scraps of the corset envelopes and the leftover pulps from the portfolio pages. The title is pulp printed lightly and letterpress printed using Brush type.


unmentionables: panty pulping portfolio
Margaret Mahan & Drew Matott, 2013
10.25" x 14.5" x .25"

Paper made by hand using a laid mould
Pulp printing
Pulp painting with iridescent pigment
Relief printing using a Vandercook Universal IV



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